Useful Contact Information

Here is a list of useful contact information:
HOA Related Emergencies: For any emergencies to Community Common Area or Property, please contact [email protected]. You can call our property manager Bruce Buller at 440-221-4504. Please note, this only applies to emergencies that are endangering Community Property; please contact 911 for all other emergencies. 
HOA Issues: For any official HOA business that needs to be addressed such as questions, suggestions, complaints, clarification of guidelines and covenants, etc. please select [email protected].
Gazebo Use: To check availability and for questions regarding the use of the Gazebo, please contact [email protected].
Events: To get more information on upcoming events, suggest an event, start a club, join the Events Committee or any other question or issue regarding social life at Country Lakes.
Web Site: For questions regarding the use of the website, suggestions for improvement, suggestions for additional content, complaints, etc please submit this form.

 Join and share your memories and thoughts with the neighborhood.

Not Sure who your question is for? Please select Contact from the drop-down menu and your question will be directed to the person(s) best able to answer it.

Parade of Flags: Let the Kiwanis Club of Medina help you make your yard patriotic. Click here to sign up

Please click on the link to see a list of utilities Click here

Trash & Recycling:
Montville Township contracts for both trash and recycling for all township residents.  Click here to access the township website on information concerning that service.  The current contracted service is by:
  Thursday after 5:00 am is Pickup

   If any of the following holiday's pick-up will be delayed by one day that week:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day,     Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

   Any question can be directed to Kimble Recycling & Disposal or (800) 201-0005.

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